Co-parenting Programme is go!

Co-parenting Success! for Divorced or Separated Families: The Superkids Team

Early Intervention is de-escalating existing conflict and building resilience between ex-partners to avoid future triggers

Thanks to a grant from Kent County Council’s Early Intervention programme, local charity Dads Unlimited has managed to roll-out their Co-Parenting Success! Programme for families in Ashford who are experiencing a family breakdown or who are struggling to provide a positive Co-parenting environment in which their children can thrive. A two-hour workshop helps guide them through best-practice, theory, and practical steps and templates to help improve the outcomes for children of separated families.

Since funding was received in July, the workshops are being presented and received very positively.

In the last few months over Summer 2019, The Co-parenting Success! Programme has got off to a great start in Ashford, Kent. After the first workshop session, we received great feedback including “I only wish that I had done this course a year ago, it would have saved me months of anxiety, stress, and financial cost” and constructive feedback on areas of improvement which was all been taken on board and implemented for the second workshop.

With the summer holidays gap where parents were unable to attend due to childcare issues and holidays, we used August to refine the workshop, using the feedback from the first session. An addition that was requested by the participants was for some handouts – which has now developed into a worksheet pack for the participants with easy to use templates for working out communications, arrangements, and a framework for positive co-parenting.